Student Support Services


Linda J. Carabis
Director of Student Support Services

Contact Information
Work: (860) 673-6195
(860) 673-0772
Fax: (860) 404-7793

Building Level Student Support Services Coordinators

SPED Staff

Leslie Vendetti 
Chris Weaver
 Cherie Lindquist  Ursula Cleaver Patty Cassidy  Allyson Mackiewicz
Linda Carabis
  L.S.M. H.S.
Lake Garda
   Har Bur
 Senior Secretary  Director
Student Services


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Vision Statement

At Regional School District #10 Student Support Services Department, we believe that all children can learn with the appropriate supports in a nuturing environment. Each student will achieve academically, socially, physically, and emotionally with maximum opportunities in the most inclusive setting. Students will value themselves as individuals, be active participants in their learning, and advocate for their learning needs. Respect for each person's uniqueness and importance will permeate all aspects of the educational environment. Children will be described in terms of their strengths rather than their deficiencies; attaining high standards of learning that we expect of all students. Students will successfully transition into the community, pursue further educational opportunities, or gain employment to become productive and contributing members of society, as well as life-long learners.


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